City Dweller

The City Dweller is an urbanite who posses the ability to develop and adapt to the frenzied climate in which they reside. They are the observers of life, they live for the beauty of the city and the people - creativity is a must but the reality is that the city can consume your ability to develop. Work work work is the ethos of this urbanite they work to live, live to work, work to work or love to work. 

Either young or old no matter how hectic this life becomes they pause, poise and embrace the storms that inhabit their landscape. They carry the pages of love letters, or doodles on the back of documents that have more worth than their income, they sit in offices typing and daydreaming. About what? Well  - The one thing they have to express themselves…. their style.  A veteran of any city knows well that style encompasses your identity.  What makes a plain piece of paper and an old oyster card stylish? The thing they’re bound in of course.  For Antoni Manuel the city and the dwellers are and shall always be synonymous with style. And style is what we cater to so explore, browse, find your muse and most importantly take us on a journey with you.

Come along and join Our Community of City Dwellers.

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