Belief in our Culture

Our culture is centred on giving. That means giving our customers the best and helping to give the best to the less fortunate.  In honour of this, we are proud to support charity: water. Their mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to some of the worlds most impoverished countries.

With every purchase a percentage of profits from each product sold on our site goes to bringing clean water to someone around the world who is in need.

charity: water have a bold and fantastic business model that pleases us greatly and was key to us supporting their mission and vision. They give 100% of all public donations direct towards the field to fund water projects while their company operating costs is made by private donors, foundation and sponsors.

Like we said earlier its a real honour to be able for our Company Antoni Manuel to support this fantastic charity. For us to be able to donate to charity: water through each product sold could help change someone's life around. Every penny and pound that goes to this great cause and if you like us and many others around the world who share our heart to see greater change in the world, feel free to look up charity: water and also become part of the change you want to see.