What your wallet says about you...

What your wallet says about you...

May 05, 2017

The item on your person that most clearly connects to your success is your wallet! This bad boy says a lot more about you as a person than you think. From the appearance of your wallet we can tell 3 things;

1. How organised you are
2. If details matter to you
3. If you care about physical appearance

If your wallet looks like thi......This is your epiphany !

Generally wallets can vary in price when you consider the style, designer and material. However when it comes to picking the most suitable wallet you don't have to spend bucket loads. With that said, as with most things the more you spend the better the quality. You can easily get an elegant piece that will stand the test of time.

We would suggest;
1. Sticking with leather. Not only is it classically chic it oozes sophistication.
2. Examine the stitches
3. Pick slimmest looking one. The world has moved beyond "brick looking" wallets. Although you would like to believe thick wallets make you look loaded. It's actually not as kool as you think.

Conversely people are becoming less cultured and therefore freely stepping away from wallets nowadays and leaning more towards card holders. Aside from doing what it says on the tin, it encourages a more debonair and elegant look. No more excess space, so your forced to carry only what you need. Many brands have caught unto the new aged phenomenon and have created an array of card holders, varying in style, material and size. As have we! Check out our Card holder collection.

Once you've decided between wallet or Card holder. You need to maintain your City dweller look.

1. Sort out the contents. You don't need tonnes of scrap paper and faded outdated receipts. Essentially all you need is ID, Cash cards ( Business, Debit or Credit) and and oyster is necessary. In addition there's nothing more embarrassing than a bunch of useless bits of paper when your standing at the cashier.

2. Within 6 months asses your wallet for wear and tear, and if necessary start considering a replacement.

What does your wallet say about you?........

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