The Fedora hat, where it all began... (Accessory of the month)

The Fedora hat, where it all began... (Accessory of the month)

January 23, 2017



The Fedora is a hat made out of felt. It has a wide brim and a crown that is indented. Fedoras are not primarily known for being a female hat. But guess what?!, It first appeared as a female hat in 1982 in a play called “Fédora” (Go figure right....). The French author Victorian Sardou wrote the part of a Princess Fédora Romanoff played by actress Sarah Bernhardt.In it she wore a center-creased soft brimmed hat, which later became popular fashion for women especially for women’s-rights activists.

After 1924, Prince Edward started wearing the Fedora hat and it became the must have item for well-dressed figures of masculinity. The fedora hat was thus adopted by men replacing bowlers, flat caps and top hats.


As the hat grew more prevalent among both men and women, its status as a women's rights symbol faded. Throughout the first half of the 20th century the fedora was worn by both men and women as a functional part of any well-dressed adult's outfit.

Fast forward several years to 2017 and the Fedora hat still reigns within the fashion industry. However it isn't limited to protection from bad weather and for esthetic reasons but an accessory to make an great outfit a spectacular one.

It's definitely a must have for every city dweller...


Here's a few tips to getting yours:
1. Find out your head size; the better the fit the more captivating you'll look. (Hat sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of your head about a centimetre above your ears. Inches or centimetres may be used depending on the manufacturer)
2. Decide on a crease; Fedoras can also be creased with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, center dents.
3. Decide on a colour; It can be made in any color but black, grey, dark brown and tan are the most widely sought.
4. Find a reputable company
5. Get yourself a hat...

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