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May 19, 2017


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The birth of "The Man bag"...

The attitude towards men carrying bags have evolved over the years, and now most guys you see on the street will likely be sporting some sort of bag.

During the Renaissance (14th-17th century), long before pockets were girdle pouches. They were usually suspended around the waist or tied around the leg. It was initially used to store spices and money. Sooner or later a bright spark thought of pockets and the need for girdle pouches decreased. They were then used to store sweet smelling items to overpower body odour. Some years passed and them came the introduction of satchels, but they were used mainly by school children.

The 17th- 18th century brought about an industrial revolution. An upgrade in transport, including the railway meant there was a demand for durable bags that could last long journeys. Simultaneously an increase in trade meant that working class men needed something through which they would transport their paperwork. Behold the birth of briefcases.

The 19th Century brought about "bread bags" in the First and Second World War. They were very essential in a soldiers gear and used as an all purpose carrying bag, despite the name...

What were your initial thoughts about man bags? Find out how's things progressed and got more popular in our next post....
Yusuf Ajaga
Yusuf Ajaga


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