"Roses are Red, but they cost a fortune..."

February 14, 2017


For some valentines is a day for unashamed public affection, for others it's just another calendar day that has been glorified more than it needs to and simply doesn't need to be celebrated because love should be expressed on a daily basis.

One guy said "It's another excuse to be extra nice to someone you should already be extra nice to".

True but if we're so hung up on celebrating love everyday then it shouldn't really be a problem to celebrate love on Valentine's Day and continue loving on all the other days of the year. Doesn't that make it worth it?, Who's hung up on loving every day but misses a day?

Although for most people, buying the most expensive perfumes, Elegant restaurants, quick getaways, and the gifts, not to mention the overbooked theatre shows and overpriced restaurants on a daily basis would eventually create a cavity in your wallet. Conversely valentines day should not be limited to splashing money or bound in the constraints of the aforementioned.There's an extensive list of things that can be done for Valentine's Day, so Frankly your really not that interested. Why no try something new..


Some tips for today..

1. Observe you partner, Not everyone is bent over on expensive hotels and gifts.
2. Communicate, let your partner know where your at. I'm sure they'll understand.
3. Break the mould, why not try something new... Maybe..
- A Couples spa massage or better still save the currency and massage each other
- Indoor camping
- Theatre
- Comedy show
- Movie marathon
- Go out with a group of couples

For the most part, it's about the quality time. Everyone wants a "happily ever after"....

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