Pleased to meet you or Not ..

Pleased to meet you or Not ..

January 16, 2017




"You never get a second chance" as the old adage goes "to make a 1st impression".
It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression and it usually sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. They last a very long time and create a filter through which the new acquaintance will now henceforth see you.

It could range from being remembered as the guy who had coffee or cigarette breath, to the guy wearing ill fitted clothes, to the guy whose hair looked like a science experiment gone wrong or worse, the guy with the pungent body odour.


Possibilities pretty much hinge on the first impression you make and from here on out the things learnt about you will fit into the mould presented at your first encounter.

Thankfully for us all, regular contact can change a persons impression of you. There's a countless amount of reasons that could make your first encounter a nightmare. A wardrobe malfunction, the faithfulness of TfL or Lack of, Or simply the day from hell when absolutely nothing goes well.

Nevertheless putting all scenarios aside. Giving a good first impression should be your goal. Yes, Leave an impression that floors them (No pressure). Piece together an outfit, use bold scented cologne, get on top of your grooming, floor them with chivarly and be confident in yourself ; intellectual but still have a sense of humour.

With that said, the bone of contention is not creating an image you can't live up to. How about creating good habits. No point being on time once, then late forevermore or brushing to teeth on that day and being lackadaisical thereafter. To genuinely and consistently leave a good impression you must deal with your habits. (Check our post on habits)

Tips to creating a good first impression:
1. Be on time, your social counterpart is not interested in your excuses (Plan ahead and allow time for those inevitable curveballs of life).
2. Be yourself and at ease. It's very evident when your on edge and will make the encounter harder than it needs to be.
3. Present yourself appropriately, your appearance is usually the first clue to go by.
4. Be open and confident. Actions speaks louder than words, body language shows self assurance.
5. Make eye contact.
6. Be courteous and attentive.
7. A smile means so much on the first encounter. It shows confidence, sincerity and approachability


Making the most of first impressions, body language and charisma by Patti wood
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