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May 22, 2017


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Man Bag continued...


Several movies brought satchels into the limelight for grown men this century.Movies like Indiana jones and friends brought out a new perspective of the satchel. Causing it not to be seen as a mere school necessity but a fashionable item for the metrosexual man.

Movies like The Hangover also debut the Satchel, But men carrying bags didn't really take off until 2013 as before then they considered extremely feminine. The vogue for men's bags now hit its full stride as big brands with bold logos started added man bags to their product line. In addition to this celebrities and key government officials started stepping away from tradition financiers leather briefcases and being more adventurous.

The climax was now here and carrying a bag was no longer feminine or elementary. Backpacks were also no longer seen and children's pieces but a go to item for a metrosexual that wanted to travel lightly and comfortably.

Several years down the line bag sizes and styles varied so much, but things you wanted to take with you didn't match up in ratio. You were then responsible for taking this huge bag around with you that had little of nothing in it as more companies were going paperless and devices were either smaller or hand a better alternative.This created a platform for slimmer and smaller bags. Welcome the birth of the portfolio...

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Yusuf Ajaga
Yusuf Ajaga


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