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June 05, 2017


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Cologne Anyone?

As the famous adage goes "Dressing well is a form of good manners" - Tom ford
We agree, but you need to smell the part too. Not only do you appear more attractive, but scent is the most powerful memory trigger.

You don't have to excessive in your application to smell the part. DONT BE THE GUY WHO SMELLS LIKE A PERFUME FACTORY! Just spray in the correct places and the fragrance will speak for itself.

To some it's known as "Pulse Points". These are areas where your blood vessels are closest to the skin surface and when these areas warm up, the tones from your fragrance rise into the surrounding atmosphere. Common places include behind your wrists, inner elbows, behind your ears and your collar bone. According to GQ some of the aforementioned are areas that come into contact with air often.

Be remembered for the right reasons.....

Yusuf Ajaga
Yusuf Ajaga


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