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May 26, 2017


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Bag/ Carriers every man should own

With an extensive amount of products out there it’s very easy to get lost in store let alone online. There are so many styles, sizes and brands to choose from. Why not find out the essential carriers every guy should have?

1. Man bag: Usually medium sized. Can be a shoulder bag or just have a holdall. Good for short travels and easily transportable.

2. Travel Bag: Usually Bigger than a man bag and can therefore contain more items. Good for distance travels, city breaks or that cheeky weekender.

3. Portfolio: Small and compact. Best for when you haven’t got much but still need a classy, chic carrier.

4. Backpack: Sizes vary and comfort levels depend on the style, structure and material of the bag. It very important you access that the bag is fit for purpose than focusing on the brand.

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Yusuf Ajaga
Yusuf Ajaga


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