A Brief Fashion History Of Wrist Watches

A Brief Fashion History Of Wrist Watches

July 11, 2016

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The most common accessory that both women and men sport in the present times is watch. It would not be overstatement to say that watches has surpassed its utility and has become more of a fashion statement. However, the wristwatches that we call classic at once were considered inappropriate—fashion was a factor—for men until their utility was proved in battles plan execution.

It evolution is fascinating!

Let us understand the fashion element associated with watches— at once were embodiment of scientific progress–by exploring their history.

17th and 18th centuries

Watches that we see in its present avatar have gone through major changes throughout the last three centuries; it used to be a coveted possession, unlike nowadays, where if you want men’s watches buy online easily. In the 17th century, people carried pocket watches to keep track of time. As you must have seen in many retro movies, characters keeping a huge dial attached to their garments with chains, all embossed in precious metal. The other features that you probably could not see are a clip, which attaches to the bow, and a bar to bar fasten it that prevented the watch from tossing around. This is what the fashion was and gentlemen followed it strictly even when wrist watches were available, not in the present form but fixed in an bracelet with elaborately enameling and jewel-ling.

The jewels made wristwatches an item associated with femininity. Males considered their size too small for accurate time keeping—there is evidence to support it. However, the main reason, if looked closely, was the fashion; wristwatches were first crafted especially for women. Therefore, for males of those to sport wristwatches were considered unsuitable.

19th century

The battles in India and South Africa changed the whole scenario. In the last decade of the 19th century, need of wristwatch came to fore. For better-coordinated attacks against assailants, horse mounted cavaliers needed watches that they access easily. It was then wristlets—a leather cup sewn onto a leather wrist strap to mount watch—came into existence. The idea came back to the UK, became popular among military men, bicyclists and aviators.

It was the beginning of era of new fashion. It still carries its elegance and splendor, in the present century. Nowadays, you can buy watches online for men with a single click. There a huge varieties these days; there are different leathers that range from cow hide to crocodile and in many colors. Now, wristwatches, having breached the social barrier, are a quintessential fashion accessory.

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