Andy Scott - The London Lad from Dubai

Andy Scott - The London Lad from Dubai

April 17, 2015

Hi City Dwellers,

We hope you're all enjoying the spring weather with style and smiles. We recently had the great honour to meet Andy Scott a true city dweller of style that is leaving his stamp across many countries from London to Dubai to New York and beyond.

Check out his spring City Dweller attire and some cool shots he took with the Man and Bag Team with his favourite Antoni Manuel bags.

What do you do in UAE and how do you find your city judging from a city dweller perspective?

I am a Fashion and lifestyle Blogger and also do freelance modeling and promotion work here in the city. This city is a very fast pace much like what you would see in London or New York. It is becoming very stylish and fashion seems to be playing a bit part in everyone's life here. Which makes it perfect for bloggers like me. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time as a city dweller while in Dubai and while you tour?

I enjoy going to the amazing beaches which of course Dubai provides. There are also so many quaint little lunch spots I like to check out and grab a coffee. 

Describe your ideal style and dress sense?

My style is very smart, and I like to keep it very British. I like my tweeds and patterned Blazers. Also like my man bags, and feel the way you dress if your first impression to people, so make it count. 

What City would you love to visit or have you visited?

The number one city on my list at the moment and hopefully my next destination is Tokyo. I'm a city boy and going from London to Orlando/Miami to now Dubai, I like to experience what different cities have to offer, and from the looks of it Tokyo definitely seems to have a lot to offer and experience. 


What 6 points would say you look out for when judging great style?

1. First of all I check out the shoes, that's what I feel starts off a great outfit. 

2. I also look at how it fits, it could be the most expensive outfit but if it doesn't fit right you've just lost all class about the outfit.

3. If the outfit matches. I don't mind a slight mix match with patterns and colours, but the belt has to match the shoes, or shoes have to match the bag in my opinion. 

4. If the accoutrements are on point. I'm a sucker for accessories so whether it's your pocket square, watch, bracelets, rings, tie clip etc it can really make someone's style stand out.

5. I judge if someone knows how to wear an outfit, for example.....if they know to only button the top bottom on their blazer, or their bottom button on a waistcoat needs to be unbuttoned. A small pet peeve for me if it is ha. 

6. Finally I admire someone's style when they wear something with confidence. 


 Follow more of Andy Scott's great style inspiration on his blog site


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