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April 24, 2017

Trendsetter Tuesday: Spring Swag

For some valentines is a day for unashamed public affection, for others it's just another calendar day that has been glorified more than it needs to and simply doesn't need to be celebrated because love should be expressed on a daily basis.

One guy said "It's another excuse to be extra nice to someone you should already be extra nice to".

True but if we're so hung up on celebrating love everyday then it shouldn't really be a problem to celebrate love on Valentine's Day and continue loving on all the other days of the year. Doesn't that make it worth it?, Who's hung up on loving every day but misses a day?

February 14, 2017

"Roses are Red, but they cost a fortune..."


For some valentines is a day for unashamed public affection, for others it's just another calendar day that has been glorified more than it needs to and simply doesn't need to be celebrated because love should be expressed on a daily basis.

One guy said "It's another excuse to be extra nice to someone you should already be extra nice to".

True but if we're so hung up on celebrating love everyday then it shouldn't really be a problem to celebrate love on Valentine's Day and continue loving on all the other days of the year. Doesn't that make it worth it?, Who's hung up on loving every day but misses a day?

Although for most people, buying the most expensive perfumes, Elegant restaurants, quick getaways, and the gifts, not to mention the overbooked theatre shows and overpriced restaurants on a daily basis would eventually create a cavity in your wallet. Conversely valentines day should not be limited to splashing money or bound in the constraints of the aforementioned.There's an extensive list of things that can be done for Valentine's Day, so Frankly your really not that interested. Why no try something new..


Some tips for today..

1. Observe you partner, Not everyone is bent over on expensive hotels and gifts.
2. Communicate, let your partner know where your at. I'm sure they'll understand.
3. Break the mould, why not try something new... Maybe..
- A Couples spa massage or better still save the currency and massage each other
- Indoor camping
- Theatre
- Comedy show
- Movie marathon
- Go out with a group of couples

For the most part, it's about the quality time. Everyone wants a "happily ever after"....

February 09, 2017

Have you seen it?


Just when you thought we couldn’t make our G. Miller Classico watch collection any better, we took it up a notch. The collection comes in two colours; Black face with rose gold watch hands and ivory white with blue watch hands.

Our G Miller Classico watches have a rose gold encasing with the elegantly constructed Antoni Manuel logo and are stainless steel. Win win if we must say. They’re purposeful and classy; the perfect accessory for a city dweller.

So all this adulation and I still haven’t told you what we’ve changed. We have stuck to the signature quality Antoni Manuel products bring but we have added a new strap to the collection.

Although our straps come in various colours for every kind of city dweller, you were limited to either a smooth or croc strap. We are pleased to introduce to you the new rose gold mesh stainless steel trap..

January 23, 2017

The Fedora hat, where it all began... (Accessory of the month)



The Fedora is a hat made out of felt. It has a wide brim and a crown that is indented. Fedoras are not primarily known for being a female hat. But guess what?!, It first appeared as a female hat in 1982 in a play called “Fédora” (Go figure right....). The French author Victorian Sardou wrote the part of a Princess Fédora Romanoff played by actress Sarah Bernhardt.In it she wore a center-creased soft brimmed hat, which later became popular fashion for women especially for women’s-rights activists.

After 1924, Prince Edward started wearing the Fedora hat and it became the must have item for well-dressed figures of masculinity. The fedora hat was thus adopted by men replacing bowlers, flat caps and top hats.


As the hat grew more prevalent among both men and women, its status as a women's rights symbol faded. Throughout the first half of the 20th century the fedora was worn by both men and women as a functional part of any well-dressed adult's outfit.

Fast forward several years to 2017 and the Fedora hat still reigns within the fashion industry. However it isn't limited to protection from bad weather and for esthetic reasons but an accessory to make an great outfit a spectacular one.

It's definitely a must have for every city dweller...


Here's a few tips to getting yours:
1. Find out your head size; the better the fit the more captivating you'll look. (Hat sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of your head about a centimetre above your ears. Inches or centimetres may be used depending on the manufacturer)
2. Decide on a crease; Fedoras can also be creased with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, center dents.
3. Decide on a colour; It can be made in any color but black, grey, dark brown and tan are the most widely sought.
4. Find a reputable company
5. Get yourself a hat...

January 16, 2017

Pleased to meet you or Not ..




"You never get a second chance" as the old adage goes "to make a 1st impression".
It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression and it usually sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. They last a very long time and create a filter through which the new acquaintance will now henceforth see you.

It could range from being remembered as the guy who had coffee or cigarette breath, to the guy wearing ill fitted clothes, to the guy whose hair looked like a science experiment gone wrong or worse, the guy with the pungent body odour.


Possibilities pretty much hinge on the first impression you make and from here on out the things learnt about you will fit into the mould presented at your first encounter.

Thankfully for us all, regular contact can change a persons impression of you. There's a countless amount of reasons that could make your first encounter a nightmare. A wardrobe malfunction, the faithfulness of TfL or Lack of, Or simply the day from hell when absolutely nothing goes well.

Nevertheless putting all scenarios aside. Giving a good first impression should be your goal. Yes, Leave an impression that floors them (No pressure). Piece together an outfit, use bold scented cologne, get on top of your grooming, floor them with chivarly and be confident in yourself ; intellectual but still have a sense of humour.

With that said, the bone of contention is not creating an image you can't live up to. How about creating good habits. No point being on time once, then late forevermore or brushing to teeth on that day and being lackadaisical thereafter. To genuinely and consistently leave a good impression you must deal with your habits. (Check our post on habits)

Tips to creating a good first impression:
1. Be on time, your social counterpart is not interested in your excuses (Plan ahead and allow time for those inevitable curveballs of life).
2. Be yourself and at ease. It's very evident when your on edge and will make the encounter harder than it needs to be.
3. Present yourself appropriately, your appearance is usually the first clue to go by.
4. Be open and confident. Actions speaks louder than words, body language shows self assurance.
5. Make eye contact.
6. Be courteous and attentive.
7. A smile means so much on the first encounter. It shows confidence, sincerity and approachability


Making the most of first impressions, body language and charisma by Patti wood
Making a first impression -Mind Tools

January 11, 2017

The Birth of Habit


Everyone has at least one bad habit. That one thing or multitude of things that you seemingly have no control over and just happen to do without having to think too much about it.

So how do they form?
A habit in totally is the repetition of 3 stages:
1. "The trigger or Que" - This in layman terms is the cause, i.e. Feeling sad or stressed.
2. "The behaviour  or action" - This is the act you carry out, i.e. Smoking, drinking or biting your nails.
3. "The reward" - The euphoric feeling you get after the act is done. This is considered as a positive or pleasurable experience by you brain. Therefore it releases a hormone called dopamine.



The brain remembers this sequence and stores it in the archives for next occasion. So in continuation, Every time you feel sad or stressed, you'll think "I should have a cigarette so I can feel calm or happy". The repetition of this is the birth of habit.




Breaking your habits:
1. It can take between 18-256 days to create a habit. You want to train your brain by repetition to learn a different sequence.
2. On average it takes about 2 months to make a behaviour automatic. Each day you repeat the behaviour it take less will power to make it stick



A few handy tips to get you started:
1. Write down your habit
2. Learn to avoid your triggers
3. Become consciously aware of what your doing in the midst of your act and try a different one I.e. Eating an apple instead of biscuits
4. Learn your triggers and try to avoid them



Cue, Behaviour, Reward- A Lesson in learning and Development - Rory C. Trotter Jr

The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

Using Behavioural design to make more engaging products - Kat Matfield  

January 04, 2017


I’m uncertain how many people set New Year’s resolutions nowadays; they’ve just seemed to fizzle out as the years have gone by.

Having a New Year’s resolution became another annual routine to fit the status quo, something you could share at socials or amongst your peer groups. Unfortunately those promises usually didn’t stand the test of time and were usually broken within days, weeks or months.

Eventually people got tired of making promises they weren’t 100% sure they were going to keep. Some choose to go with the flow in the New Year whilst others set goals. I guess it sounds more sophisticated and mature; plus you won’t get the raised eyebrow due to the stereotype of fruitless resolutions.


It was just the other day we stepped into 2016, now 12 months have passed and we stare 2017 in the face with another 12 months of possibilities ahead of us. Saying the year flew by would be an understatement, it could easily be compared to the boxing match between Phil Williams and Brandon Burke which lasted 10 secs in 2007.

I’m sure most people had an idea of how they would have like 2016 to have panned out in foresight. With that said sometimes if not most, life happens and not everything goes as smoothly or turns out how you expected them to; from breakups, to job losses, to the arrival of a baby, to the death of a loved one. You couldn’t exhaust the list of obstacles or situations that would temporarily bring your plans to a halt.

So you didn’t succeed in some ventures or not all your goals were met in 2016, does that permit you to throw in the towel? Should your dreams, aims and aspirations only exist within the constraints of your mind?

Lack of, or inability to accomplish should not be equated to failure.

What is success to you?

Success shouldn’t be envisioned as a location or destination because there’s always something you can improve on. Success is movement. It’s Progress.

Failure on the other hand is not trying. You only start to fail when you remain stagnant.
So you’ve been down in the valleys for some time now without a shadow of hope. It’s not too late to make a change. In the words of Zig Ziglar “Failure is an event, not a person; Yesterday ended Last night”

So since the 21st century has somewhat left behind “Resolutions” and has moved on to setting goals; what are your goals or aims for 2017? It’s not too late to accomplish those things you couldn’t accomplish in 2016. The biggest risk is NOT taking risks.

Five tips to accomplish your goals/ aims in 2017:
1. Firstly, Separate failure from your identity and how you see yourself.
2. Get well acquainted with your end goal/result so you don’t lose focus when the tough times come.
3. Get advice from people who have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish. Why not learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before you so you don’t have to make them.
4. Join a society of forum of like minded people trying to accomplish what you want to accomplish also. A problem shared is a problem halved.
5. Plan ahead and set realistic goals, it isn’t a bad thing to start small.


Here's a 20% Discount code gift for you to kick start your year.

Code: HNY2017

Important Factors to Consider While Purchasing Leather Briefcase for Men

Leather briefcases hold great utility for professional men who need to carry their important documents and laptop with them, especially the black leather briefcase bag. They are the most commonly-used bags amongst men. Not only the professionals, even the entrepreneurs, students and workers also value the practicality, utility, style and durability of leather briefcases. With the availability of numerous alternatives in the market, it may become a tedious task for you to pick the right choice.

Hence, it is important to note that buying a suitable leather briefcase for men requires you to consider numerous factors. These factors may include –

Check out the leather quality

The quality of leather becomes the top most priority while purchasing a suitable leather briefcase for men. Buying a bag of genuine leather will enhance its quality with the passage of time. This means, that even after several years of usage, genuine leather bags retain their original attraction. Moreover, genuine leather is also the most flexible as well as durable alternative for you.

Consider its construction material

Leather briefcases also combine several hardware materials as well that can certainly affect the price, durability as well as appearance of the bag. These hardware materials include zippers, handles, locks, shoulder straps, metallic rings and buckles. Checking the quality of these materials is equally important as the leather quality. If you do not wish to compromise with their quality, you may require paying even more, as the prices of bag tend to rise with good quality fixtures.

Space flexibility

The most important consideration that you need to make prior to purchasing any leather briefcase is the content that you require to carry in it. Of course, briefcases offer a slim and compact look due to the availability of numerous flexible compartments in it. This feature provides you enough space to keep your things in well-managed manner. However, depending on the things that you need to carry, the size and number of compartments in the bag may vary.

Most importantly – The color

Although black leather briefcase bag remains the first choice of professionals, there are several other color options also available for you in the market. Other important colors may include brown, tan and other lighter shades. You can ideally prefer black as well as dark brown color on the professional front whereas the tan shades for casual occasions.
July 11, 2016

A Brief Fashion History Of Wrist Watches

Watches Online For Men

The most common accessory that both women and men sport in the present times is watch. It would not be overstatement to say that watches has surpassed its utility and has become more of a fashion statement. However, the wristwatches that we call classic at once were considered inappropriate—fashion was a factor—for men until their utility was proved in battles plan execution.

It evolution is fascinating!

Let us understand the fashion element associated with watches— at once were embodiment of scientific progress–by exploring their history.

17th and 18th centuries

Watches that we see in its present avatar have gone through major changes throughout the last three centuries; it used to be a coveted possession, unlike nowadays, where if you want men’s watches buy online easily. In the 17th century, people carried pocket watches to keep track of time. As you must have seen in many retro movies, characters keeping a huge dial attached to their garments with chains, all embossed in precious metal. The other features that you probably could not see are a clip, which attaches to the bow, and a bar to bar fasten it that prevented the watch from tossing around. This is what the fashion was and gentlemen followed it strictly even when wrist watches were available, not in the present form but fixed in an bracelet with elaborately enameling and jewel-ling.

The jewels made wristwatches an item associated with femininity. Males considered their size too small for accurate time keeping—there is evidence to support it. However, the main reason, if looked closely, was the fashion; wristwatches were first crafted especially for women. Therefore, for males of those to sport wristwatches were considered unsuitable.

19th century

The battles in India and South Africa changed the whole scenario. In the last decade of the 19th century, need of wristwatch came to fore. For better-coordinated attacks against assailants, horse mounted cavaliers needed watches that they access easily. It was then wristlets—a leather cup sewn onto a leather wrist strap to mount watch—came into existence. The idea came back to the UK, became popular among military men, bicyclists and aviators.

It was the beginning of era of new fashion. It still carries its elegance and splendor, in the present century. Nowadays, you can buy watches online for men with a single click. There a huge varieties these days; there are different leathers that range from cow hide to crocodile and in many colors. Now, wristwatches, having breached the social barrier, are a quintessential fashion accessory.

Andy Scott - The London Lad from Dubai

Hi City Dwellers,

We hope you're all enjoying the spring weather with style and smiles. We recently had the great honour to meet Andy Scott a true city dweller of style that is leaving his stamp across many countries from London to Dubai to New York and beyond.

Check out his spring City Dweller attire and some cool shots he took with the Man and Bag Team with his favourite Antoni Manuel bags.

What do you do in UAE and how do you find your city judging from a city dweller perspective?

I am a Fashion and lifestyle Blogger and also do freelance modeling and promotion work here in the city. This city is a very fast pace much like what you would see in London or New York. It is becoming very stylish and fashion seems to be playing a bit part in everyone's life here. Which makes it perfect for bloggers like me. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time as a city dweller while in Dubai and while you tour?

I enjoy going to the amazing beaches which of course Dubai provides. There are also so many quaint little lunch spots I like to check out and grab a coffee. 

Describe your ideal style and dress sense?

My style is very smart, and I like to keep it very British. I like my tweeds and patterned Blazers. Also like my man bags, and feel the way you dress if your first impression to people, so make it count. 

What City would you love to visit or have you visited?

The number one city on my list at the moment and hopefully my next destination is Tokyo. I'm a city boy and going from London to Orlando/Miami to now Dubai, I like to experience what different cities have to offer, and from the looks of it Tokyo definitely seems to have a lot to offer and experience. 


What 6 points would say you look out for when judging great style?

1. First of all I check out the shoes, that's what I feel starts off a great outfit. 

2. I also look at how it fits, it could be the most expensive outfit but if it doesn't fit right you've just lost all class about the outfit.

3. If the outfit matches. I don't mind a slight mix match with patterns and colours, but the belt has to match the shoes, or shoes have to match the bag in my opinion. 

4. If the accoutrements are on point. I'm a sucker for accessories so whether it's your pocket square, watch, bracelets, rings, tie clip etc it can really make someone's style stand out.

5. I judge if someone knows how to wear an outfit, for example.....if they know to only button the top bottom on their blazer, or their bottom button on a waistcoat needs to be unbuttoned. A small pet peeve for me if it is ha. 

6. Finally I admire someone's style when they wear something with confidence. 


 Follow more of Andy Scott's great style inspiration on his blog site